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Why You Should Consider Updating Your Home's Windows & Doors

Posted by Mathew Desrochers on

Why You Should Consider Updating Your Home's Windows & Doors

Windows are often dramatically undervalued when people think about their home's exterior. By the use of colour contrast between sashes and window frames, the type of trim used around the window, and the potential use of shutters or flower boxes, windows can become an integral part of the exterior design. Each home is unique, so make sure you know all of your options before making any decisions. 

There is no doubt that windows and doors are a significant contributing factor to your home's overall aesthetic, and can even have a large impact on the interior design as well. Other benefits of replacing your windows and doors include improved energy efficiency of the entire home, reduced cost, views to the outside and optimized comfort - it's no wonder a home's real estate valuation is significantly affected by the quality of it's windows and doors.  

Remember: Your window is only as good as the installation - you can have the best window but if it's not installed correctly, it won't be energy efficiency and could cause multiple problems over time. Exterior renovations are an ideal time to consider updating your home's windows and doors as they are more easily and inexpensively installed from the outside during an exterior renovation than as a part of an interior renovation or as a project on its own.  



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