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Custom Garage Doors

Did you know that garage doors can account for up tp 40% of a home's façade? This means that the aesthetics of garage doors have become an integral part of the exterior design!  Here at Exquisite Exteriors, we custom design and manufacture garage doors that will perfectly accommodate the exterior architecture of your home.  Replacing your garage door with one of our garage doors is sure to add curb appeal to your home.

Our custom designed wood composite roll up garage doors are manufactured here in Burlington, Ontario.  Here at Exquisite Exteriors, we take pride in every garage door that we design, manufacture and install.  If you are in the market for a new garage door or are building a new home with this requirement,  please be sure to reach out to Exquisite Exteriors.  We would love to be a part of giving your home a facelift!

16 x 7 Roll Up Wood Composite Garage Coach Door

8 x 8 Roll Up Wood Composite Garage Coach Door

Benefits of Updating Your Garage Doors With Exquisite Exteriors

Curb Appeal

As garage doors can account for a large percentage of your home's facade, they can have a dramatic impact on overall curb appeal. Updating your garage door can instantly transform the look of your home and create a lasting impression.  We believe that when choosing the right garage door, you should consider using Exquisite Exteriors Wood Composite doors.  We are able to custom design and manufacture a garage door that is sure to maximize your homes curb appeal.  We feel our product is superior to most other products on the market.  Although our door costs more than a steel garage door the look that is achieved is second to none.  

Low Maintenance

Exquisite Exteriors manufactures custom garage doors using Exteria.  Exteria is a wood composite product that is design for exterior use.  We are able to create a real wood looking garage door with a smooth painted finish using this product.  We are able to machine these doors to look like Coach Doors that still roll up the way that traditional garage doors function.  One of the benefits to using this product, is that we are able to offer our customers a very low maintenance product that holds a painted finish for exponentially longer than wood and without the expansion challenges that arise when working with Closed Cell PVC.   

Energy Savings

Garage doors are often used so frequently that temperatures inside go up and down drastically. As temperatures in the garage can affect adjacent living spaces, your garage door can have a dramatic impact on your energy bills. Optimizing your home's comfort and energy efficiency while adding curb appeal has never been easier! Exquisite Exteriors Custom Wood Composite Garage Doors are insulated to help maximize the energy efficiency of your home.  


Return On Investment

It is no secret that home improvement adds value to your home, but some projects are known to pay you back more than others when it comes time to sell. Garage door replacement actually ranks high on this list in terms of cost-effectiveness and return-on investment. In fact, Remodeling magazine reports that at resale the average homeowner recovers 91.5% of the amount spent on updating the home's garage doors. Evidently, more and more homeowners are looking to updating their garage doors as a reliable means of boosting home value.       

Exquisite Garage Door Design

Our garage doors are custom designed to complement the look and style of your home. Offered in both Cedar and Exteria, they will stand the test of time and become a stunning feature of your home. Contact us today to learn more! 

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