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The Complete Package

Not only do we manufacture our own superior products for exterior applications, but we can also give your home a total facelift! We recognize that your home is your castle and choosing the right contractor is important for you and your family's peace of mind - trust in Exquisite Exteriors

We offer renovation services including window and door installation, exterior shutter installation, exterior trim installation, siding installation and front porch additions.  Pair this with our custom exterior design service and we can create a custom exterior project that specifically caters to your wants, needs and budget.  

Windows and Doors

Are you thinking of replacing your windows?  Many people jump into making a decision regarding the replacement of their windows without considering the exterior design of their home.  Window replacement and the design of windows have a massive impact on the overall look of your home.  Many window contractors do not understand the architectural rules around exterior window design.  The design of our windows are carefully considered on every project to ensure we can achieve the most significant exterior aesthetic improvement on every job.

At Exquisite Exteriors, we offer leading class replacement window services in Burlington and surrounding areas.  Our installation staff have significant training in ensuring the quality of installation is consistent across all of our projects.  When you choose Exquisite Exteriors to install you windows, you can have confidence in knowing that the job will be done right.  The quality of the windows and products we use to conduct window replacement have been carefully considered.  We use products of the highest quality to ensure we can eliminate call backs.

The same goes for replacement entry door systems.  Again, an entry door system is a perfect opportunity to add curb appeal to your home.  We carefully consider the design of the doors we use to complete the renovations we are involved in.  Weather you are looking for a completely maintenance free replacement door product, or looking to add the warm character you get from a completely custom wood door system, we will have the perfect solution for every client we service.


Shutters and Flower Boxes

Many clients we engage with have already made the decision to replace their windows and that is ok.  Some of our clients are looking for a quick solution to improve the look of their home.  Adding a few pair of shutters and a flower box is most often the easiest and most economical way to give your house a facelift.  Adding a pair of shutters on both sides of a window adds depth and character to the front of a house.  Adding a flower box extends the bottom of a window down lower to help improve the proportions of window versus wall space on the exterior of houses.  

We offer shutters and flower boxes on our webstore for purchase and easy DIY installation, however many of our clients wish to have them installed by us.  Our installation team is available to complete your shutter and flower box installation service.  

Exterior Trim

Our custom manufactured exterior trim can be the benchmark for the quality you would expect from Exquisite Exteriors.  The solutions we offer are endless however simplicity is a must.  Often times less is best.  By adding exterior trim in the right proportions and locations, we guarantee you will have the nicest looking home on the street.  

With Exquisite Exteriors installation team, you can expect your exterior trim will be installed correctly.  Our team is trained on the architectural rules as well as the correct method required to install our low maintenance trim packages.  When coupled with our Custom Exterior Design Drawings, you can expect to achieve the most significant exterior home improvement.  Exquisite Exteriors will ensure that all of the architectural rules are followed during the course of construction.   

Often times, the exterior projects we complete include exterior column wraps, exterior shutters and flower boxes, architectural brackets, custom soffit and facia, frieze board and bed mould, gable vents and many other exterior trim products.  All of our trim is manufactured from a combination of Extira and Closed Cell PVC to ensure our products are as low maintenance as possible.  Many of the products that we produce can be custom sized to order.  This is the service you get when you hire us to complete your exterior renovation.  You can trust that the job will be completed correctly.

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