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Custom Exterior Trim & Trim Accessories

Exquisite Exteriors manufactures both standard and custom exterior trim styles and profiles using both Exteria and Closed cell PVC.  Our products are specifically designed to add curb appeal and classic architectural detailing to all types of exterior construction and finishing.

Our product caters to both renovation and new construction projects.  Consider using Exquisite Exteriors Maintenance free exterior trim system on your home or your upcoming construction projects.  Give your house a facelift and reach out to Exquisite Exteriors to see how we can help.  

When most people think of exterior trim, they think of window and door casing, but the exterior trim category goes far beyond that. Here at Exquisite Exteriors we understand the many ways that exterior trim can be used to enhance your home regardless of its architectural style. Weather you are an avid do-it-yourselfer or a contractor looking to add exterior millwork to the exterior of your projects, then our products are the perfect compliment to your home or home project. 

Our exterior trim products include: Column Wraps, Bedmould and Crown moulding, Frieze Boards, Beam Cladding, Brackets, Shutters, Flower Boxes, Gable Vents and we even have a beautiful soffit and facia system.

Are you a builder?

Exquisite Exteriors will create Exterior trim packages custom to each one of your projects.  Reach out to see how we can help.

Set yourself apart from the competition and partner with an Exterior Millwork Company that gets it...


Reach out to see what products will enhance your homes curb appeal.  Exquisite Exteriors has many products specifically designed to give your home a Facelift!  

Curb appeal doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming... We are here to help.

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