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Window & Door Installation

Are you in the market for new windows and doors? Look no further.  Exquisite Exteriors specializes in custom window and door design and installation.   Weather you are just interested in replacing a few windows or outfitting your entire home with new windows and doors, Exquisite Exteriors will custom tailor your window and door renovation to suit your needs and budget.  

Here at Exquisite Exteriors, we custom design every window and door product that goes into our renovation projects so as to maximize curb appeal.  We believe that windows and doors have a massive impact on the overall look of every home.   With proper exterior design, we are able to give your home a facelift.  We believe that with the replacement of your windows and doors, this is one of the biggest opportunities to maximize your homes curb appeal and successfully increase your homes value.  

We custom design everything to suit your specific needs!

Replacing Your Windows & Doors

Are you thinking of replacing your windows?  Many people jump into making a decision regarding the replacement of their windows without considering the exterior design of their home.  Window replacement and the design of windows have a massive impact on the overall look of your home.  Many window contractors do not understand the architectural rules around exterior window design.  The design of our windows are carefully considered on every project to ensure we can achieve the most significant exterior aesthetic improvement on every job. 

 At Exquisite Exteriors, we offer leading class replacement window services in Burlington and surrounding areas.  Our installation staff have significant training in ensuring the quality of installation is consistent across all of our projects.  When you choose Exquisite Exteriors to install you windows, you can have confidence in knowing that the job will be done right.  The quality of the windows and products we use to conduct window replacement have been carefully considered.  We use products of the highest quality to ensure we can eliminate call backs. 

 The same goes for replacement entry door systems.  Again, an entry door system is a perfect opportunity to add curb appeal to your home.  We carefully consider the design of the doors we use to complete the renovations we are involved in.  Weather you are looking for a completely maintenance free replacement door product, or looking to add the warm character you get from a completely custom wood door system, we will have the perfect solution for every client we service.

Custom Wood Doors

Exquisite Exteriors is proud to announce that we are now manufacturing our own Custom Wood Front Door Entry Systems.  Weather you own an home and are looking for a custom wood door or you are a custom home builder looking to offer your customer something different then you can find elsewhere, Exquisite Exteriors is here to help.

We offer our custom wood doors in many different wood species and offer custom glass packages to ensure a truly custom look that will architecturally enhance your homes curb appeal.  Reach out to us to learn more...

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